Sydney Smile Care – Help for Teeth Grinding in Burwood

Teeth grinding, otherwise known as bruxism, is when the patient gnashes or grinds their teeth, clench, either consciously or subconsciously, causing jaw discomfort, headaches, and tooth damage. Symptoms range from low severity to high.

This syndrome often corrects itself as children age, but adults sometimes need mouthguards to help train them away from this harmful habit. If you or someone you love suffer from bruxism, visit our practice for teeth grinding solutions in Burwood.

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Teeth Grinding Care in Burwood

To combat this syndrome, there are a few avenues that your dentist can take. Your dentist regularly checks your teeth for signs of teeth grinding. If they find evidence, they then check for progressive damage and recommend treatments to stop the grinding.

They also check for other symptoms to ensure the damage is caused by teeth grinding and not other dental conditions like TMJ (temporomandibular joint). Usually, they assess tenderness in the jaw and check your teeth both optically and by X-ray.

bruxism burwood teeth grinding burwood

Treatments for Bruxism

Depending on the extent of damage, your dentist may recommend using a splint. These tools prevent your upper and lower teeth from touching to deter wear from teeth grinding. Splints and guards can be made from hard or soft materials. To learn more about treatments for bruxism in Burwood, consult your dentist.

If the damage is so extensive that you are unable to chew without discomfort, your dentist remoulds your teeth’s surface so that you can chew comfortably again.

Teeth Grinding Solutions in Burwood

Our clinic helps those suffering from bruxism in Burwood and the surrounding areas. With your dentist’s advice, you can alleviate some of the symptoms from teeth grinding at home. If possible, reduce stressors in your life so you are less tense and mitigate the consumption of stimulants like caffeine.

Combined with appliances like mouthguards and splints, your dentist can help you stop the progressive damage from bruxism so you can preserve your teeth and jaw. To book an appointment with our team for treatments for teeth grinding in Burwood, call us on (02) 9747 1988.