Sydney Smile Care – Dental Check-up in Burwood

Getting a local dental provider makes it easier to schedule check-ups and other important care for the whole family. Sydney Smile Care is an experienced and high-quality provider of dental check-ups in Burwood and services ranging from hygiene cleanings to orthodontics.

Our staff conduct cleanings, X-rays, and examinations with care and sensitivity. Even young children can feel comfortable with our team, thanks to their extensive experience in paediatric dental care.

General Check-Ups

General check-ups are necessary for identifying potential problems like cavities and gum disease. Even if you’re not experiencing any discomfort or other symptoms, a check-up can help identify and eliminate basic dental problems before they start to hurt, or lead to more invasive and costly treatment.

Dentists can give patients advice on better at-home dental care to reduce or resolve problems like bad breath, yellow teeth, and bleeding gums. Preventive dentistry is the key to avoiding other, more serious problems like cavities. Preventive dentistry appointments are much easier when they’re closer to home, so get your general check-up and cleaning in Burwood.

Teeth Cleaning

Although daily flossing and brushing help significantly, professional dental cleanings remove tartar and plaque from hard-to-reach places. Molars and other areas at the back of the mouth may see a buildup of bacteria if patients go too long between dental visits.

Our expert dental hygienists are university-trained to deliver an optimal scale and clean treatment, and work hard to keep patients as comfortable as possible during appointments. Our hygienists use the latest technology in order to provide the most gentle and thorough clean. We have also EMS Airflow units to provide a spa treatment for your mouth, it will leave your mouth feeling extra fresh and rejuvenated!

Scheduling Additional Services

Many minor dental issues can be remedied with a single visit and adequate at-home dental care, including regular brushing and flossing. If our team finds a potential cavity or other significant concern, we work with you to schedule a follow-up appointment.

Since we offer a wide range of dental services, we can become your trusted provider for orthodontics, dental implants, dentures, and more. Visit us for a dentist cleaning in Burwood and rely on us for future services for your family.

Dental Check-ups in Burwood

Whether you’re due a dental check up or have a family to arrange appointments for, Sydney Smile Care is your trusted hometown provider of dental care. Call us on (02) 9747 1988 or email us today for your general check-up and cleaning in Burwood.